Types of Cooking Parties

Demonstration Cooking Parties

At The Stocked Pot, our events have all the ingredients that matter— Skilled chefs that are passionate about food, take-home recipes that are scratch-made, a warm and inviting environment, and fantastic food to enjoy! The last ingredient we need is YOU!

Whether you are a novice, experienced cook, wanting to enjoy a special date night, or just want to enjoy a night out away from your kitchen, we have the cooking party for you. All our demonstration classes are taught by experienced chefs that not only demonstrate how to cook the dish, they also share stories about their cooking adventures, as well as their personal tips on what makes the dish special. The audience is provided with all the recipes at the beginning of class so that you can make notes. Discussion and questions are encouraged. Beverages are available during class. Enjoy your favorite glass of wine with your meal. When the demonstration is over, the best part begins—eating the wonderful food which has been prepared just for you!

Jr. Chef Cooking Parties

At The Stocked Pot Cooking School cooking with children is the perfect combination of fun and creativity. We teach children about the food they eat as well as nutrition awareness. Come join us in filling their creative minds with culinary magic and the excitement of learning with food! For some adults time in the kitchen may be a chore, but for children the kitchen is a fun and exciting place. Children love to cook and participate in the fun doing things like cracking eggs, decorating cakes and of course eating! We can teach children skills that they can take home; following directions, sensory awareness, vocabulary enrichment, cause and effect, cooperation, simple arithmetic, nutrition and just having fun.

We offer the ideal opportunity for children not only to learn how to cook, but to learn about nutrition. Cooking is not taught in our schools, and seldom do parents experiment with their children on how to cook or explore nutrition. We make learning fun and what better way to get children involved in eating right and motivating fussy eaters. Children will eagerly eat something that they have personally prepared; they also take pride in what they have created by sharing it with someone special.

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