Top 5 Food Trends


  1. Culinary mash ups, which is taking two food items that people like and combing them into one dish. For example the Cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.


  1. Spicy Hamburgers, some of them are infused with Sriracha, pobanlo and habanero peppers. This is found among fine dining restaurant and fast food for example Hardees’s Jalapeno Thickburger.


  1. Banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich traditionally made with roast pork, pate and fresh vegetables on a French baguette.


  1. Jams, is one of the fastest growing condiments on sandwiches. Such as bacon jam, fig jam, pepper jam and so much more. The jams are topped on grilled chicken breast, pulled pork, turkey and others.


  1. Protein, popularized due to the Paleo diet, many restaurants are adding to their menus double meat or hearty sandwiches.

(Parts taken from Bret Thorn of the Nation’s Restaurant News)


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