staff_andrewmcmillanAndrew McMillan
CEO and President

Andrew McMillan, CEO and President of The Stocked Pot Cooking School and Retail Store and Culinary Team Building, Catering by Simple Elegance and Great Deals On The Web, takes great pride in sharing a lifetime of great culinary experiences with fellow foodies. His travels have taken him around the world, visiting over 27 countries on six continents; including China, France, Italy, Africa, Thailand, Bali, Luxembourg and Caribbean Island nations, where he enveloped himself in the local lore, customs and cooking traditions. Growing up in a culinary household excited Andrew’s taste buds and provided a strong culinary foundation. Andrew served as manager for two of our restaurants and catering company, which included menu design, recipe development, beverage management and customer relations. During the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Andrew managed the South African Pavilion in charge of feeding 400 athletes and support personnel 4 meals a day as well as catering many VIP functions for the government of South Africa. His extensive knowledge of fine wine, beverages and food enables him to design and develop wine lists and institute food programs in a variety of settings.