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Stirring the Pot before Tying the Knot!

Do you want to give your bachelorette or bachelor a fund party to remember?  Or hold a bachelorette and bachelor combination cooking party? A cooking party is a fun activity worth remembering!   Booking your cooking party with The Stocked Pot and Company means you don’t need to buy three rounds of shots to keep everyone entertained! Whether you are celebrating a Bride and Groom who love to Cook, or want to have a Competitive Cooking Competition; one of our Cooking Parties, Food Show Style Competitions or Dinner Parties will create a fun evening to remember!

Bridal Showers – Bachelorette Parties – Baby Showers

Traditionally, wedding/bridal/baby showers were occasions during which a bride-to-be or a mom-to-be had female friends and relatives provide her with gifts. This basic idea remains intact, but today showers can span across many different themes. There are plenty of great reasons to throw a wedding/bridal/baby shower. If you are looking for a fun and tasty way to throw a shower, The Stocked Pot and Company Cooking School provides you with the perfect environment for you and your friends to get together.

Enjoy delicious food made in front of your very eyes and celebrate your special day. Celebrate with a demonstration or hands-on cooking party at The Stocked Pot and Company. This is a great way to learn new cooking techniques, taste new recipes and indulge in one of your favorite meals. It’s up to you to choose how involved you want the event to be. Our hands-on parties get you involved in every step of the process so you can learn how to recreate the meals at home. Or can try a demonstration class and sit back and relax with a glass of wine and watch our expert chefs cook an amazing meal just for you. Cooking parties will make your showers memorable!

Bachelor Parties

Our Bachelor cooking parties feature cooking parties like Iron Chef Style Competition to Demonstration Cooking Parties with Grilling Ribs, Steaks and Fish.  And we’ll make sure you have ice cold beers in every hand! What a fun way to kick off your bachelor’s party or guys’ night out. Pick up a few knife skills before competing for the Iron Chef Challenge, or choose to hang out with ice cold beers and watch our talented professional chef do the work with your own demonstration cooking party.

Food Competition Events

We will split the group into two teams. The teams will be given their secret ingredients for their respective meal course. Each team will pick an Executive Chef of the team, and the rest of the team will be known as Sous Chefs. Next, they will need to create a recipe name and come up with additional ingredients to enhance the secret ingredients given. They will have a certain timeframe to then prep, cook and come up with the beautiful presentation of their dishes. Now comes the best part–dining on the wonderful meal together that the teams created! The Stocked Pot Cooking School chefs will judge the competition. After the scoring is complete, we will award the winning team Culinary Gold Medals. Each member of the team will receive a Culinary Gold Medal and pictures taken with their chef. All other teams will receive a beautiful Jumbo Red, White and Blue Rosette Culinary Ribbon with a culinary emblem in the center.

Free Takeaways:

  • Cloth Chef Hat
  • Cloth Aprons
  • A memorable culinary experience


Different Styles of Food Competition:

  • Hands-on Cupcake Wars
  • Hands-On Nailed It!
  • Cake Sculpting Challenge
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Challenge
  • Chopped Style Challenge
  • Iron Chef Challenge
  • Chili Cook Off Challenge
  • Charitable Event – Cooking For A Cause
  • Different Styles of Dinner Parties:
  • Italian Dinner Party
  • Tasty Taqueria Street Taco Party
  • Pizza Making Party
  • Sushi Making Party
  • Fabulous Chocolate Making Party
  • Tapas and Small Plates Party
  • Gingerbread House Decorating Party (Available in November/December)

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Make the bride or groom feel extra special before their special day by treating them to a fun cooking party, full of great food and fond memories

Host your private party at The Stocked Pot Cooking School.

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