The Stocked Pot Cooking School Kids’ Birthday Parties – Celebrate With Us!

Celebrate your child’s birthday in the most delicious way by hosting a Birthday Cooking Party at The Stocked Pot. Our hands-on, private classes are taught by a certified Executive Chef, Chef Donald McMillan C.E.C. A.A.C. who will create a unique culinary experience for everyone. Young chefs will go home with full bellies, happy mouths, and dirty aprons. For parents, there’s no mess or planning to worry about! We provide the ingredients and beverages, take care of set-up, and clean-up! Free takeaways: Cloth aprons and paper chef hats.

Our Birthday Party Packages are fun and delicious, and your child will love this wonderful experience with their friends. Packages are designed for groups of 10 or more children ages 6 and up. If you have less than 10, the price is still based on having 10 in attendance. Parents and grandparents are welcome to watch. We can provide additional portions of food for any adults attending, just let us know in advance. This event will last two hours and may go over to allow all guests to enjoy their wonderful creations.

Traditionally birthday parties were occasions where family, friends and relatives gathered together at someone’s house to celebrate. This basic idea remains intact, but today there are new ways to enjoy birthday parties—like a culinary cooking party at The Stocked Pot Cooking School! There are plenty of awesome reasons to throw a birthday cooking party. Besides being fun and tasty, they serve a purpose–cooking together is truly a bonding experience. Beverages are included in each of our kids’ birthday parties. Sweet Iced Tea, Lemonade and chilled water.

Here are some of the exciting kids’ birthday parties we offer:

Hands-On Dessert Party and T.V. Food Show Competitions

Hands-On Cupcake Wars

You and your guests compete in a cupcake decorating competition. We split your group into two teams. Each team decorates already baked cupcakes in each of three rounds. Competitors take part in two challenges over the course of the 2 hours.

In round one, each person in each team must decorate one cupcake that is judged on theme alone.

In the second round each person in each team decorates two cupcakes and isjudged on both taste and presentation.

In the final round, each person in each team decorates three cupcakes. The team who the judges determine created the best cupcakes presentation in all three rounds takes home the winning gold medal for everyone in the winning team. Everyone in second place is given beautiful red, white and blue State Fair style ribbons with a culinary emblem.

Hands-On Nailed It! Competition

Two teams will compete in the “Nailed It!” challenge and will prepare two styles of cakes.

Nailed It! was inspired by the craze of people trying and failing to make elaborate cakes they found on the Internet. Two teams of amateur bakers will attempt to recreate edible masterpieces for the Gold Medal prize. Competitors take part in two challenges over the course of the 2 hours.

The first challenge is called “Baker’s Choice,” where the contestants pick one of three existing confectionery treats and try to recreate it. They have 30 minutes to create the baked cupcake.

The winners of this challenge get a special prize and will use edible gold spray paint to spray their white cloth chef’s hats gold—just like on TV!

In the second challenge, “Nail It or Fail It,” contestants have only 45 minutes to recreate a showstopping cake. Each team will decorate one two-layer ten-inch baked cake as a team.

Each team receives a “Panic Button” which allows them to get three minutes of assistance from one of the judges. The worst performing team from the first challenge gets a second button called “Freezer Burn” which forces opponents to freeze in place for three minutes!

Cake Sculpting Challenge

Cake Sculpting is a delicious and creative birthday party activity for kids of all ages. We split your group into two teams. Each team decorates already baked sheet cakes. Competitors take part in this exciting challenge over the course of one and a half hours. Creativity is the key to success as the two teams work to build a confectionary masterpiece. You will need to build a multi-layer themed cake. Each team will use a picture of a design to help them create their own cake design. They start with a variety of flavored sheet cakes and start cutting the cakes and the decorating begins! There are no rules here; it’s a no holds barred competition. Different colored icings, different colored gels, edible spray paints, an assortment of candy and cookies, rice crispy treats, sprinkles, popsicle sticks, and much more are provided to enhance their creativity.

When the masterpieces are complete, each team will take a Cake Tour and see all the wonderful cake creations. This fun birthday cake decorating challenge event is both delicious and fun; cake sculpting is the perfect event for making lots of wonderful memories with friends.

The team which the judges determine created the best cake sculpture presentation takes home the winning gold medal for everyone in the winning team. Everyone in second place is given beautiful red, white and blue State Fair style ribbons with a culinary emblem.

November / December Birthday Parties – Hands-On Gingerbread House Decorating

The tradition returns each year to The Stocked Pot Cooking School with our beloved Chef Don McMillan recreating a time honored and generation sharing holiday experience. Gingerbread house, sugar icing, lots and lots of candy and sweets are all included. Beverages are Hot Milk Chocolate, Sweet Iced Tea, Lemonade and chilled water.

You and your guests get their very own Gingerbread house to decorate. This special seasonal event takes one and a half hours. Like the Nutcracker, Holiday Traditions abound in the Triad.

Hands- On Birthday Cooking Parties

Birthday cooking parties at The Stocked Pot & Company Cooking School is great way to have lots of fun with friends, inspire young minds and learn new cooking techniques, including sautéing chicken, making tacos, making pizzas from scratch, making your favorite Sushi rolls and our customers favorite dessert Flaming Bananas Foster served over Vanilla ice cream.

Have fun as you learn tasty new recipes and indulging in one of your favorite meals. Our hands-on parties get your kids involved in every step of the process so they can learn how to recreate the meals at home with mom and dad. Birthday cooking parties will make your party memorable, one you will never forget! Beverages are included in each of our kids’ birthday parties; Sweet Iced Tea, Lemonade and chilled water. Events last approximately two hours.

Italian Dinner Party

We will create one of Italy’s famous dishes and pair it with delectable rice pilaf and a flaming dessert. Italy has never tasted so good! Everyone will prepare an Italian meal together. Our Executive Chef Donald McMillan C.E.C. A.A.C. will guide everyone as they cook their wonderful creations.

First Course: Citrus dressing made from scratch served with a Mixed Fresh Salad

Second Course: Italian Breast of Chicken Florentine with A Delicate Cream Sauce

Creamy Spinach and Beautiful Rice Pilaf

Third Course – flaming dessert, please choose one: Flaming Bananas Foster or Flaming Cherries Jubilee – Served over Vanilla Ice Cream

TastyTaco Party

Mexico is known for its local ingredients used to create the ultimate taco. Their tacos are pretty special, and we’ll show you how they do it! We’ll make heat up the flour tortillas and provide hard shell corn tacos, chop and season meats, and build the perfect tacos, packed with flavor!

The menu consists of making fresh tomato salsa and freshly fried corn tortilla chips. Two types of meats; seasoned chicken and season ground beef. Served with Shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, limes wedges.

Pizza Making Party

We’ll get our hands messy rolling dough, making sauce, and topping our pizzas with savory toppings. Making Pizza is a delicious and creative birthday party event for your entire group of friends. The group will prepare fresh citrus salad dressing paired with a freshly tossed garden salad. Next they will make bread dough for the pizza,  and finally they will prepare tomato sauce from scratch. You will learn step by step the process of crafting the perfect pizza pie. We will put the most popular toppings together and add a few gourmet toppings too. Our chef will guide the teams as they create their wonderful masterpiece. We end the event with a wonderful pizza party, so say goodbye to frozen and delivery pizza because now you can make the very best pizza at home!

Sushi Making Party

Our Sushi making party is a hands-on culinary event that you and your friends will surely enjoy. We will demonstrate the art of making sushi rice and cutting vegetables and seafood then use them to roll the perfect sushi. We will provide sesame ginger dressing paired with a freshly tossed garden salad. We will provide fresh sliced cucumber, sliced carrot sticks, sliced scallions, sliced colored peppers, cream cheese, small cooked shrimp, smoked salmon, sliced avocado, cooked faux crab meat, fish roe, raw tuna, soy sauce, sesame seeds, seaweed paper, chop sticks and sushi mats to make their sushi rolls. Everyone will prep the vegetables and roll their own sushi rolls. You will become one with the sushi mat to create the perfect sushi roll and can be named Master Sushi Chef.

Fabulous Chocolate Party

Our Fabulous Chocolate Party is a hands-on culinary event that your group will fall in love with. Each person will be given three chocolate creations to make. Our professional chef will provide hands-on instruction and support as you and your group of friends work together to create your chocolate creations. The first dessert you will create is a filled Chocolate Tulip, using balloons, chocolate chips, fresh berries and fresh whipped cream. Second, you will make chocolate filled puff pasty turnovers. And for the final dessert, you make your own chocolate creation using warm chocolate, mini pretzels, almonds, shredded coconut and Oreo cookies.

Now comes the best part, eating all the wonderful chocolate masterpieces everyone created. The Stocked Pot and Company Cooking School knows that the kitchen is an ideal venue to have fun in the kitchen with your friends and family. If you love chocolate, then this fun birthday party event is for you.

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