Cotton Candy – Cotton Candy Party Favors – Cotton Candy Gender Revels

Cotton candy always brings up wonderful childhood memories; the thrill of being at a fair or carnival and the wonderment of watching it be made in the machine. And then devouring it! But cotton candy is no longer JUST FOR CARNIVALS!

At Catering by Simple Elegance and The Stocked Pot and Company, we offer a different, but powerful and unique entertainment idea to turn any event into a CULINARY EXPERIENCE! Cotton candy and cotton candy party favors are ideal for birthdays, private parties, theme parties, weddings, company picnics and more. Try something unique and delicious in a variety of colors and flavors to choose from.

You can have your event at The Stocked Pot and Company, or we will come to you and make the delicious cotton candy fresh at your party.  You can also choose to pick up your favors, or we can deliver your party favors and gender reveal favors! Our cotton candy “barista” will cater to you and your guests and we will make sure everything runs smoothly throughout your event!

In addition to making and serving deliciousness from our cotton candy machine, we offer the following packaged ideas:

Cotton Candy Favors – Prepackaged

  • Cotton Candy Pops – Little lollypop size bites on a lollypop stick (add-on edible glitter)
  • Fluff Clouds – A great size between the pop size and when a full bag size is too much
  • Cotton Candy Cones – Cotton Candy in an ice cream cone
  • Cotton Candy Push Pops – Just like ice cream push pops
  • Cotton Candy Cups – 9-ounce, 12-ounce, 16-ounce and 20-ounce.
  • Gender Reveal Fluff – Premade pink or blue
  • Gender Reveal Surprise – Reveal the gender of your newest family member with something sweet! The pink or blue cotton candy will be wrapped inside another flavor. Everyone will take a bite of the cotton candy and reveal the wonderful surprise inside!

Perfect for your Celebrations

Wedding Station                                             Wedding Favors

Birthday Parties                                              Topping for mixed drinks and Champagne

Krispy Kreme Donut Topper                          Fun and Yummy Table Top Centerpiece

Cupcakes Toppers                                          Inside Smores

Client Appreciation Gifts                               Takeaways at trade shows and your events 


Blue Raspberry                       Purple Grape                           Pink Vanilla

Red Cherry                             Strawberry                              Pina Colada

Pink Bubble Gum                   Apple                                      Watermelon

Orange                                    Green Lime


Options for Add-ons

  • Edible spray paint
  • Edible Glitter
  • Custom Sticks, Wooden, Paper, Clear
  • Spun on Pretzel Rods
  • Spun on Fresh Fruit Kabobs

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